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About Brent Wheeliker

Brent’s Farewell I was told by my Father that there are two guarantees in life; taxes and death. If you are watching this today it means I am not paying taxes anymore. I wanted to say a few short words to attempt to make this day more about you, reflection on each other’s lives and how if we put a little smile on our face & be nice to those around us; this day and all days going forward will be brighter. So, let’s not get caught in the glum but take a positive thought about a moment with me and have a little laugh about it and share it with others after the service. From a life standpoint, I have enjoyed a great life. The truth be known, I did not want to check out so early, but that part of our journey is not in our control. As I reflect I had a great childhood, raised by parents that are second to none and loved and supported by a loving brother and two sisters. My family has given me unconditional love and support for almost fifty years and we have had made a lot of great memories together, including all those that married into our clan, all the aunts, uncles, cousins, Niece & nephews. What more could a guy ask for. Then came young adulthood where I lived the life of Reilly. I tried to educate myself for a few years meeting great people from Africa to Europe to all over North America. Those experiences surely did educate me. Then it was Westward bound with those crazy MacDonald boys. Thank God I was around to keep them on the straight & narrow. Once west I got to work while still living the life of Reilly. I have worked with and met some great people over my years in Alberta. My job allowed me to meet people from coast to coast to coast and travel this country that I love. The next chapter in my life was my best chapter. I met Christie. The love of my life. I could not have envisioned a better life or a better lady to spend my life with. We built a life together full of lots of fun, travel, and just great memories together. We were all in and created something beautiful by opening our hearts to each other. An added bonus was I was treated to the best father in law a guy could ask for and my brother in law’s family. As I do not want to be glum, let me just say on more thing about Christie & I. passing on before our golden years was not what I had envisioned and will be the hardest for me to deal with as I move forward in my journey. I hope & pray I will be able to watch over my love and be with her in spirit as she grows old. Christie, I love you and will forever. So, I have one request for all of you here today. Please make sure you extend yourself to Christie in the days, months and years ahead, so she will have a large support group of friends to enable her to enjoy the rest of her life. I should note that she can be stubborn and put up a brick wall when people try to get into her heart. But if you won’t take “No” for answer, it is well worth it. I know this from experience. As I leave you here today, I hope you all get together afterward for a little fun, a snort of rum and happy reflection. No doom or gloom. And as Wayne & Schuster would say: I see by the clock on the wall, that it's time to wish you one and all... goodbye, so long...? ... farewell, adieu... Be good (Stay Well) Bye Bye (Keep Warm) Relax (At Ease) Take Care (Stay Loose) Adieu mon vieux. A la prochaine. Goodbye 'til when we meet again!" And as we say in Cape Breton. Mar sin leibh an-drasta. (Gaelic for good by till we meet again) May the wind be at your back & May you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows your dead. Keep your stick on the ice and your head up. Love to all. thanks Brent